Meet Matogen

Company Overview

Matogen Corporate Web & Software Development is a Web & Software Design & Development company founded in 2007 in Stellenbosch South Africa. We believe in creating solutions – not systems.

In September 2017 we celebrated one decade of Web Excellence as well as our first established branch on American soil – in May 2017, we have laid down roots in Loveland, Colorado. Beside our Stellenbosch Head Office, we have branches in 2 other cities in South Africa & have representatives in locations throughout the country. Our operations extend to international locations, including the US, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France and Namibia.

Our business model was designed to provide for the overwhelming need to acquire the services of a results-oriented Service Provider with credibility and substance. We approach projects with a holistic methodology to integrate your business initiatives seamlessly with expectations of your target audiences, while meeting all stakeholders needs.

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our function and key concern are to create value by improving the lives of everyone interacting with us. We believe in doing this by increasing the profits of your business, through state-of-the-art automated systems that give support to your success, save time & money and encourage exponential growth; by continuously developing our capabilities and people to evolve beyond master experts and specialists in what we already love to do; and to create sustainable environments for long-term and lasting relationships.

Purpose & Objective

To collaborate with companies who are forward thinkers and to provide you with the pinnacle in online software development, cutting-edge technologies, branding, search engine marketing and support to take their businesses to the next level and guarantee a superior web presence. Our objective as your online software development company, will be to take your business and modernize your efforts by creating a web presence that will attract your target market by implementing progressive ideas, providing support in multiple areas, applying revolutionary technology, to create a fresh perspective, to utilize advance infrastructure, consulting and training to re-create your business for exponential growth.

What sets us apart?

Business Partners

Our strong corporate backing inspires our clients with a strong sense of credibility, security, and reliability. We embrace the concept of rather becoming business partners with our clients, as opposed to just being service providers.

Dynamic Growth
Our robust and dynamic business approach has resulted in our ability to develop new services and products which have always kept us ahead of our competitors. In September 2017 we celebrated one decade of Web Excellence.
Code of Conduct

Our success is a direct result of our sound corporate governance, code of conduct and ethical practices. We pride ourselves on our dedication, professionalism, and commitment when taking on assignments.

Proudly South African

We are a South African born and bred company founded in the heart of Stellenbosch during the Great Recession of 2007, which drilled into our bones a responsibilty for value-to-cost efficient operations.

Our clients

  • ABSA
  • Easy Equities
  • Trimble Navigation
  • Nedbank
  • University of Minnesota
  • BluNova, a division of Blue Lable Telecoms
  • North West University
  • Cullinan Holdings
  • Airports Company South Africa
  • Eskom