Crops Profit

App for managing Agricultural Operations.

Potchefstroom, South Africa

The “CropsProfit” App is a platform for farmers as well as agricultural service managers specializing in the Agricultural value chain. The App allows a farmer to capture Crops, Sowing Seasons and Conditions such as harvest yield, profit targets, watering type, break-even cost and preferred marketing instruments.

The farmer will capture the surface area, deliverable crop harvest and the ton per hectare yield as the season progresses. All captured details are combined to report on the effectiveness of the approach to crop price management.

But the real magic happens in the financials of the App...

During the course of the season, the App will keep the farmer - and his investors - up to speed on the current market price of the crop. This allows the App user to plan and manage his financials, compared to his profit goals.

The App helps to calculate the volume for storage and triangulates this with the cost of storage and the current market price. This helps the farmer determine when the best time to sell would be, and if any volume should be retained for sale at a later stage.


Stonewall Hedging
What we did
System design, UI design, App development
Technologies used
  • Ionic
  • CSS, Sass, SCSS
  • Material design

Track Market Fluctuations

In App notifications & Push notifications keep the farmer up to date on any important changes. While he hustles through his busy day.

The application provides the user with a data simulation to show what happened over the life cycle of a Crop as well as from its historical reports.

Team Management on the App allows the Account Owner to add multiple teams. Team can collaborate with team members via the App, and be added to other teams for knowledge exchanges.

Billing is automated with generated, branded PDF invoices emailed directly to the billable team.

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Key Features


  • Crops Management and Tracking
  • Track Market Fluctuation
  • Activity Tracking of Team members
  • Profit goal management
  • Billing management
  • For Crops linked to electronic markets
  • PDF Invoice generation
  • iPhone App
  • Android App
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