UI/UX Design

Our team of analysts and UX experts analyze your needs through a series of workshops, during which we provide you with wireframes created to suit the business needs. Workshops are hosted to provide a presentation of the wireframe and needs analysis and to provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback. We provide an interactive wireframe which we refine during collaboration with your key stakeholders.

What is the difference between UI an UX Design?

User interface (UI) are visual elements displayed on web pages and screens. Elements include buttons and icons that you will use to interact with a device. UI design enables technologies used to be more user-friendly focusing on areas where the users will interact with the software product.

User experience (UX) is the internal experience a user has when they interact with the companies products and services. UX design defines the functionality and processes behind your software product to provide the best user experience for the users that will be using your product.

We offer

Material Design
User Behaviour
Usability Testing
User Journeys
Usage Insights